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Kybella for Chin in Homestead


What is Kybella?

This is a game changer when it comes down togetting rid of double chins, a.k.a. submental fat or submental fullness. While some individuals can reduce their double chins through exercise and changing their diet, others have double chins due to genetics. If this is your case, you should give Kybella a try to reduce your double chin.

How long does Kybella last?

This is the best part of this treatment! Kybella injections fat removal results of the treatment will last a lifetime! While results may vary, most adults stop being able to grow new fat cells when they reach the age of 25.

Does Kybella tighten skin?

No, Kybella does not tighten skin. It does melt away excess under-chin fat, restoring youthful definition at your jawline. If your facial skin is still firm and elastic, it will contract on its own as the fatty deposits melt away. If this is not the case, we can schedule a FREE skin care evaluation and guide you towards the best option for you!

Does Kybella get rid of turkey neck?

The short answer is YES! Based on your personal chin goals and a tailored treatment plan, after just two to six Kybella treatments, you’ll notice a visible reduction in that pesky turkey neck. These results will amaze you!

Is Kybella the same as Botox?

Not really, they are a great together and can maximize your facial goals when combined! You don’t have to choose between them. They are two entirely different injectables, we have found that most patients can get both of them done without any complications or side effects.

How long after Kybella will I see results?

It will take four to six weeks for the acid to do its work in the body after each treatment for the first results to appear. We develop a tailored treatment plan for you that takes into consideration your chin profile and the extent of the fullness.

Can Kybella work after 1 treatment?

While results may vary based on your physical composite, in general, you should start seeing great results after just one Kybella treatment! Most patients need one or two additional Kybella treatments if they have thicker submental fat tissue. We will help tailor the best Kybella treatment plan for your concerns.

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