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Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation Homestead

This procedure is AMAZING! You get to actually see results after just ONE session!

What is Ultrasound Cavitation?

Ultrasonic or ultrasound cavitation is the use of ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin tissue. This treatment is a non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat. The procedure involves applying pressure on fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations which eliminate fat cells.

Are Ultra Cavitation ResultsSimilat to Lipo?

This is the best part! YES! The treatment is non-invasive and works with your body’s natural elimination and detoxification processes. Fat is removed gently without harming the vascular system and without post-operative symptoms such as scarring and surgical pain.

What are the benefits of cavitation?

  • Helps reduce and removes cellulite
  • Allows you to contour your body
  • Pain free with no down time
  • Target specific areas
  • Quick and effective results
  • See results after just one sessions

Does cavitation tighten skin?

That the beauty…YES it also tightens skin! Cavitation is used for body shaping, to reduce those stubborn fatty areas that don’t seem to budge regardless of diet or extreme exercise. It is also used for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.

Is Ultrasound Cavitationpainful?

That is a BIG NO! The procedure is painless and comfortable. During the treatment you will feel a soothing heat in the targeted area. The treatment is so painless that is can be compared to the feeling of finishing an intense workout. 

Who is a good candidate for Ultrasound Cavitation?

A good candidate is someone looking for fat removal from a specific area. It is ideal for people who are dissatisfied with certain areas of fatty deposits but do not want to undergo any invasive surgical treatment like liposuction. 

The best results can be obtained for those who have up to 25 – 30 pounds or less to lose. Cavitation is ideal for those who have tried to shift the stubborn fatty bulges with diet or exercise and are aiming for a smoother and more balanced shape. A free consultation at Epic Beauty & Wellness will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedures. Contact us for your free fat loss evaluation today!

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